Monday, October 03, 2016

Robert Carter

We've been in continuous exchange of mail art, letters and digital.
Robert have been putting images from our exchange on the blog.

Negotiating friendship and trust in collaboration. I am on the wait for his new address while he is moving to be an artist in residency in Rotterdam, finishing his job as a frame-maker in Manchester.
Starting to be an art frame-maker as a curator?

Having an address to post things to means so much. Something I craved for since I was 17 when left Russia. Something that intervened with my mail art distribution, and something that started from my mail art distribution.

Receiving envelopes, pieces of card and stamped collages.
Being dramatic, bad at handwriting and accepting Robert Carter's invention of Dear T.

Robert is also a fictional character in SE14 Punchlines, an artist and a curator, friend of Robin. Someone who gets to float nearby, when both are depressed and potentially sinking.

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