Tuesday, June 03, 2014

examples of practice

It’s never over, 2014 – a durational 2 hour performance reflecting on the condition of post-occupy political repressions, presented at artist-run exhibition and series of events held in disused Canary Warf offices. Part of the series of works reflecting on current political violence in Ukraine though personal experience.
Walk though the sites of revolutionary thinking, 2013 – 6,5 hour walk across London exploring the sites inhabited by Russian revolutionary figures, made for the non-art audience.
Lecture about Lenin, 2013 – non-ironic performative lecture held at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development celebrating Bolshevik revolutionary. Held on occasion of an opening of a plaque commemorating the lecture itself.
The Forest, 2012 performance exploring metaphors of forest and femininity, held in the forest due to be taken down, Russia.
Alina, 2010-2012. Series of performances dedicated to the exploration of object-relations, constructivist concept or object comrade, gender and sports.