Saturday, May 03, 2014

Artist's Union England

Happy Mayday!

Ceramics Studio Co-op

One of the recent things I am involved in is a setting up of a worker's cooperative. It is an exiting but also demanding and laborious endeavour that I find both exciting and dreadful depending on the current weather.

There are several aspirations behind this cooperative. One of them is a need for a self-run high quality ceramic facility in London,  that could cater for ceramic artists and sculptors, and would let them produce work. Another one is a desire to create a space that could let those interested in ceramics grow from the first step when they touch clay to a highly professional level. Working on this plans we hope to be able to build on the experience of Ceramics Studio Bermondesy, organisation that leaves with us experience and brilliant artists who hopefully would be able to run classes though our new organisation.

One of the sides of the experiment I am interested in is a possibility of the evolvement of new making and distribution structure, controlled and beneficial for artists themselves. Also hopefully the experience of the new collective business practice would be able to produce something practically revealing. I am putting my most energy into making it happen: to prove to our group of people involved and myself, this could really happen together with ethical, non-enslaving employment.

Originally I have joined my sister in making this happens, and this is how we've formed our working group. If you would like to follow us though this process, we have just set up a twitter for our working group. Tweets are from myself and my sister and designer maker Anna Baskakova.