Friday, March 28, 2014


iamalinakabaeva - яалинакабаева - is a new tumblr I have just started. It comes after long desire to have a space to collect and share folk and other materials about Alina Kabaeva. With crisis in Ukraine the amount of humorous and critical images got really hard to ignore, so I have finally get it to happen, before everything disappears in twitter streams. For how I treat the space as a site of media and gender representation research, and plan to use it as a research on women in Russia, and the way people talk about women in politics. Images like these can be analysed and also used to subvert relation to power and queer gender norms. I am very glad to have finally set up a space to address popular culture, and thanks Jack Halberstam for inspiration to do that.

The title for the blog comes from my recently re-discovered video "i am alina kabaeva"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Goldsmiths Library

Goldsmiths Library was trying to limit visitor access in April and May, and a bunch of people I studied with managed to defend our access. Privilege of a kind that was paid together with education fees, but I think it’s important to keep the people not directly involved with academia with some access to education renounces. Library is a prime site for self-education and research, and it is also a place where I meet my community of artists and researchers. The “closure” would have damaged not only my research, but my friendships and collaborations as well.

I am very glad we have campaigned and won our case, but also this situation made me realise there is no other place with a general access to the philosophy and humanities literature in South London. So everyday South Londoner would not be able to self-educate on those issues. There is also no such thing as a quality library outside financialised academic system...  And access to British Library demands signs of professionalism. We should be doing more to give community access to books, and to access to education. With crisis-led closure of many libraries it is quite depressing.