Tuesday, September 02, 2014

We are proud to open the Ceramics Studio Co-op!

This is the picture of the Open-Access room and I can't wait to produce several of my ceramic experiments and start learning to throw. These days we talk a lot about our vision of the studios and plans to work with the community and work with artists. Looking at the space as it is now, after a month of work I know it would not always be easy but we can go very far. We will do our best to bring these ideas about production, education and art practice into reality. We are also so glad to see people deciding to have their studios with us.
I am also so glad our studio is a part of New Cross community. My own involvement with New Cross Commoners and the Field has a huge influence and I hope both places and groups can grow together, influencing one another in the best possible way and sharing resources where possible.


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