Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In the meantime... Firends and myself at solidarity actions.

There were a number of difficult political events in the recent weeks, and we could not just stay at home and keep up with our busy schedules. From action in solidarity with 6 May prisoners who were sentenced for incredibly tough conditions and 3-5 years sentences to keen support to Ukraine in grief over Maidan losses and recent invasion to Crimea. It was a big part of my life so I feel it deserves a share.
24 Feb - Ukrainian Euromaidan Solidarity - holding hands to celebrate unity of the country at London event at Westminster. 
 Stand up together...
Evgenia Abramova with a portrait of Alexanda Dukhanina.
We took a laugh posing with futurist faces. :) 
On the way to Solidarity with 6 May prisoners, with last year's portrait of imprisoned fellow Zhukovsky-born activist Aleksey Gaskarov. This April it would be a year in jail.

People of all countries came to support us at the picket, which was busier than we could expect.
 Nastia and Anton posing with portraits of  Denis Lutskevich and Segei Krivov who are about to start their appeals about unjust and cruel sentences.
1 March banner drop against invasion to Ukraine and against corrupted sponsors of Russian Festival- Maslenitsa celebration by mayor of London. 
After Maidan, designs start to look more national...

Awesome video doc prepared by brilliant London activists, the invaluable support. Thank you all.

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