Monday, December 08, 2014

Every day is May Day

Every day is May Day - has been freshly finished for open studios display at Ceramics Coop. Statement about the May Day is based on case where May Day is a day of workers and is a public holiday. I read this statement as a demand for universal abolition of wage labour. 


This is my first experimental set of ceramics. Exploration of functional form, basic shapes and glaze. I am particularly happy about nostalgic snowy planter pot with winter cactus, it is the first pot I've thrown, and decorated. Reminds me of snow and could be a piece of political gardening. 

Common Russian name for winter cactus is Dekabrist. It's tempted to celebrate the 1825 Decembrist revolt against Tsar Nikolai. The events occurred in December, the rebels were called the Dekabristy.