Friday, October 11, 2013

Take One Action, Edinburgh

Take One Action - "global action cinema project" in Scotland was screening an interesting double bill of films about Russia's 2011-12 protests against authorities, and I was kindly invited to take part in the discussion panel after the screenings. I would say that more than a year after Russian release of Winter, Go Away, the film produced more confusion, and more problems and positive sides become apparent. Lack of regional representation, filming only those closer to central ranks of the opposition and lack of contextual information was a sad part. Though extensive, self-reflective critique of Navalny, and interesting portrayal of protest energy and passion were really affective, and I think this must have had some positive healing effect on the public and myself among them.

We had a lovely time chatting with local viewers after the screening, and as a general result I have a feeling people who self-organise in London need to establish more connection to groups outside England. We need to look more into how people live and organise outside in other locations, and local governments need to be pressed to provide better conditions and match them to the situation of people living on the North.

Watching Tomorrow by Andrei Gryazev was rather embarrassing. Voina is so widely known but the film hardly produces inspirational image of the group, but rather portrays moments of misery, non-justified violence and property damage, strange moments of identity exploitation and very Russian perception of prison as a rite of passage. The self-contradiction of internal affairs of the group to their public statements were also something I would rather avoid and leave to history to judge.

I am very thankful to Take One Action organisers for warm reception and care, and I look forward for a chance to visit Scotland again. My trip to National Museum of Modern Art was a lucky chance to see Eduardo Paolozzi's prints that I have not paid attention to before. And it was a great pleasure to have a drink with Edinburgh ROR..