Thursday, August 22, 2013

New face

This self-portrait is a reenactment of a well know Alexey Gaskarov journalist shot taken during the 6 May Moscow demonstration 2012 - against the electoral fraud and new presidency of V. Putin (Gaskarov - is a Russian leftist activist now under arrest).
A sketch for a new work about police violence and state violence - and political repressions that emerge in Russia and all over the world.
Explore the questions collective individuation.
New emergent international movements of the people.
Questions of solidarity with these movements.
New emergent identities. Emergence of the new political subjects.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 days of Hamburg

I am too heartbroken to leave Hamburg and to write much about it, but here are a few documentation images that tell at least a bit about the work we did lately.
Together with Chto Delat? we worked on the production of Shivering with Iris or originally Dialectics of Sublime - a performance piece presented at Iternational Sommerfestival at Kampnagel.
The performance was a talk show with Russian artists Chto Delat as the main guests, and I played an idealist (or mostly refereed to as activist) participant of Chto Delat seminar. Great to meet everyone involved in the production - members of Chto Delat I have not met before, and of course Hauke and other locals and activists that made it there to see how it goes.
I can only thank everyone for some warm feedback, and joyful company, and raise a hope that despite the failure to produce a good closing discussion at the end of the play we may have contributed to international pro-democracy struggle on Monday 12 August protest with a flight and a collective body solidarity session.

Chto Delat newspaper issue accompanying the production.

Performance in the Kunsthalle as a part of the play.

As I have mentioned - on Monday 12 August we were flying for freedom of movement and against state control at russian embassy in hamburg fantastic a3yo wrote this lovely text about it.

Lots of love Hamburg, thank you and your peopl'e and adorable Katzen. It is rather sad to leave this 10 days behind. I look forward to the future meets, and hope it won't take too long.