Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Follow the road

Making a new video.

The work is fully about Zhukovsky, and partially is an attempt to make a work that would free all 6 May prisoners. The case that worries me so much now. I have been helping out with translations for the international campaign, and the absurdity of the accusations and the court process are no less but reminding one what happened during Pussy Riot hearings, and led them to Siberian prisons.

So the recent work is fully about Zhukovsky. It is about a road in the city - Tupolevskoe shosse. I am using digital, google, and video stills from the documentary material to produce a stop-motion video work. This is my first video of war on Russian government.

It is also totally about the emergence of the new Russian subject - some kind of freedom defender, Zhukovsky activist, caring citizen, green activist. In dedication to my honourable friend Alexey Gaskarov who is imprisoned by the Putin's prosecution because of this fear of Russian people.

I am extremely influenced by Kety Chukhrov's writing on theatre and Schubert. On non-democratic nature of art.

I may be attempting to present the piece in London this autumn with the live sound - when I learn how to play Schubert's sonatas better, and when, of course, all 6-May people would be enjoying freedom. Or else, hopefully somewhere in Russia this summer.

Sviatoslav Richter's performance is very important for this project: