Monday, April 08, 2013

Open Call for current interns gallery workers and volunteers

Friendly group of London gallery ragpickers works on something very interesting...

RAGPICKERS invite current interns, volunteers and casual workers to join them in RAGPICKERS SHOW, a project which is dedicated to the problem of unpaid labour and exploitation in the contemporary art field. The project is intended to blur the difference between the artistic and forensic by exploring the format of a critical quasi-exhibition.

RAGPICKERS SHOW will display ‘artifacts’ - material traces, residues or recorded testimonies - collected by participants that testify to the work undertaken within various art organisations. We invite you to contribute worthless ‘ragged’ objects accompanied by your personal stories of labour relating to the ‘artifacts’ from the following categories (or of a similar kind):

1. Forensic evidence of all kinds of labor, it could be any leftover material gathered from your work at: the office, (de)installation of a gallery show, an event or a private view. You can submit anything from the remains of wall support and traces of paint to empty bottles, unwanted print outs, shredded papers, etc.

2. Audio, visual, photo or written documentation from the day-to-day assistance with the running of the gallery space. RAGPICKERS wish to build up an archive of unpaid working experiences that are unfair, absurd, or abusive, but were originally disguised with the initial promise of ‘valuable insight’ and ‘exciting opportunity’. All the materials in the collective exhibition are planned to be curated in a manner of a typical gallery show, accompanied with explanatory texts or display blurbs indicating practices of ungrateful labour.

The project aims to raise a wider public awareness and draw media attention to the exploitation and discrepancies that lie at the core of the art system. Simultaneously, it will function as a space for the exchange of personal experiences, ideas, and knowledges. Please send us an email indicating what material you would like to show before the 30th of April. We can also help you to record your testimony. If you have any further ideas or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.