Sunday, November 24, 2013

A walk through the sites of revolutionary thinking

"Tatiana Baskakova invites you to join her on a walk though the sites formerly inhabited by Russian revolutionaries. Figures like Kropotkin, Kollontai, Lenin, Trotsky, Herzen and others chose London as their place to organize and publish more than a century ago. Based in the areas across Clerkenwell, Pentonville and Whitechapel this walk offers a way to collectively explore London through the locations connected to those histories..

For years British media is portraying Russians as commonly millionaires or spies, and one can actually witness cultural dominance of the West London in the presentation of Russian culture, and in forming expat identities. The origin of this work is connected to the interest in the exploration of another side of Russian heritage in London: the tradition of political study, revolutionary publishing, organizing and speech making. This work is a result of collaboration with Russian Cultural Center, Pushkin House and is a second in the series of diaspora-connected works happening this November.

The walk starts at noon in Pushkin House, on 23 November.
There is no need to make bookings and this is a free event."

These are some images from the walk though the sites of revolutionary thinking. 

At the end of walk


BBC Russian Service featured the "walk through the sites of revolutionary thinking" in their Monday 25 November radio show where I answered Seva Novgorodtsev's questions on why this piece had to happen (in Russian).

Татьяна Баскакова отвечает на вопросы Севы Новгородцева на Русской Службе БиБиСи о "Прогулке по местам революционного мышления". Программа от 25 Ноября - на русском языке. (Диалог ближе к последней четверти записи.)

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