Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Key quote for Leninana series:

"Today we should open the polemical, critical function - fill it out, diffuse it, impose it. I don't particularly know how, but I am certain that it needs to be done. We are seeing all kinds of strange things now. When people talk about certain things, self-censorship is so strong, that not only certain terms such as 'revolution,' 'vanguard' and 'communism' have been erased from memory, but also certain historical names, such as Robespierre and Lenin. The maximum, I believe,  was achieved with the exclusion of Saint-Just from a recent dictionary of French Revolution. I don't really know how reintroduction of these words and these personalities into the minds of out contemporaries could be done, bit I know for sure that it will be beautiful or will not happen at all."
Antonio Negri, Art & Multitude, (Polity Press, 2011) pp. 61-62

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