Thursday, January 17, 2013

The New Man, Sat 19 Jan, Mile End Art Pavilion

Tatiana Baskakova’s performance The New Man is a playful exploration of Soviet monumentality, and a concept of a new Soviet man that was supposed to emerge under communism. In the process of re-thinking Socialist Realism, bodily representation specific to the Soviet propaganda image is decontextualised and re-linked to the individual subject. She also explains that this performance is made specially for contemplation though the dark windows of the Mile End Art Pavilion and it is  inspired by Victor Pelevin’s definition of Sputnik as a “four-tailed spermatozoon of the future that never came true.”

Other performers of our lovely, carefully curated programme are

Cecilia Granara & Beatrice Bonafini

Maghsood Salehi

Nima Esmailpour

Zou Zhao

Lori Ho

TJ Hwang + Nicholai Jensen

Francesco Benenato

 And my lovely sister Anna Baskakova will present a social sculpture/ performance/ ceramic experiment with tea, plus some screenings. For more information please follow the link.


documentation of the performance:


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