Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Untitled (After Socialist Realism), 2012-13, Mile End Art Pavilion

The works presented in this exhibition are made as an experimental extension of the language of Baskakova’s performances dedicated to a former Olympic gymnast and a deputy Alina Kabaeva. Along with feminist critique triggering a dialogue about the relation of sport and politics which points to Russia’s nostalgic turn to the Soviet Union – a state of gymnasts, skaters, and nuclear rockets, this performances were dedicated to the exploration of the constructivist idea of object-comradeship.

Untitled, 2012-13 is an installation that struggles to define its presence between 2D and 3D format. It is a new attempt to produce a historical reinterpretation for Soviet and post-soviet experience, and made to reflect current Russian desire for self-transformation, justice and true political representation. Objects and images are aesthetically composed and loaded with potential to enact their functions in labour and play. 

6 May, 2013 is a piece referring to the Moscow protest rally known to be provoked into violence by police and security service. Here, gravity seems to be one of the key natural forces that needs to be overcome for political transformation. It is not only the sports people turned deputies who can make such tricks.  A triplet scout boy stands on his head on the snow exposed in his near naked vulnerability. Is this a reference to a new generation that will lead future of carnivalesque change that melts the snow  of the new political winter?

Video Alina (Yellow), 2012 is a piece refused to be presented in III Moscow Young Art Biennale, for its presence of controversial figure of Alina Kabaeva: a new taboo subject for critique in Russia due to her close alliance to top governmental figures. Censoring yellow circle was originally invented as a decomposing Malevich-like refusal of realist image in search of purity. Here it is made to evade and self-censor the reference to the youthful appearance of the former gymnast borrowed from Japanese Olympic documentary.

The Mile End Art Pavilion
Clinton Rd
London E3 4QY

Open 9-19 Jan, 12pm-6pm
Private view: 10 Jan, 6pm-9pm
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