Monday, September 10, 2012

Two Human Beings: The Lonely Ones

This is a shot from Munch catalogue for Tate Modern show that is a very interesting curatorial take on his work, overly concentrated on his "instagrams": the pictures by Munch taken himself taken on the camera. This is an interesting twist for the presentation of an artistic practice first of all.

Secondly, I was deeply shocked by the second hall. It presented about eight or ten of his pieces, motifs that are painted and then repeated by the author past 20 years. I nearly fall in love with his change in relation to paint surface and representation. So the image above points to one of those "progresses." This motif, Two Human Beings: The Lonely Ones was repeated by Munch many times in print and paint... I should not fall into the investigation of why he was so interested or why there was a compulsion to do so (tate show concentrates on that) but I wanted to point to the transformation that happened here. It got so abstractly present, it lost disturbing particularity, canvas somehow started its own life... Colour got really vibrant! And fragile, unstable, momentous//

(This lunar phallus or "I" is also impressive, this lunar motif...this image is not a part of Tate Modern show on Munch...)

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