Friday, June 22, 2012

Local Utopias, Zhukovsky 08-2011

Forgotten event documentation.
One of my lovely friends  in Moscow Anna Ionova have discovered and  published photographs from last August Local Utopias party in Zhukovsky. I am very pleased to see the images from the event - as this was the missing point from my documentation. Thank you Anna!

 This was a complete trash art experience led by фт idea of total art installation. It was not well accepted by all of the audience, but I was pleased to see many friends at the opening, and it was them precisely, who made this show into a Gesamtkunstwerk, an intense social musical and visual moment of communication.

These are two most important images of the show.... Kremlin Piss - with St Basil coming to the front thought the lens, and the Yoga boy bending with hiss back side facing the audience. Suggestive vulnerability and the power of the context - the curiosity of my experiment. (2nd bit is a video)
Yoga boy was a key symbolic "tortured" figure, despite the numerous ideological reference. Like Her Majesty and Vladimir Lenin....

But anyway it was about the wood. And Tsagovsky forest of course. But 10 month after  this pictures are published - forest cut. Pussy Riot in custody. Girls - we should all do out Kremlin Piss!
Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away...

All images are by ©Anna Ionova. Please reference.

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