Monday, April 02, 2012

A Joyful Archipelago: new Russian art

A Joyful Archipelago is an exhibition of ten Russian female artists, living in London and New York, held at acclaimed artist Yinka Shonibare's Guest Projects space in London. The artists sought to come together for the exhibition as a collective with a goal to produce their reflection on the events in Russia today. This exhibition comes at a very interesting point in the Russian history.

The exhibition is based on a semi-fictional story of a closed town "N". “Closed cities” with no names and not shown on maps begun forming in USSR from 1940s onwards as bases for military, industrial or scientific facilities. The unique feature of N was a ban of all mass media communications, which has built a wall of communicational isolation around it. Such isolation made the residents of N focus on their private self-contained life, where other means of communications have been invented for internal use only. The information in the town began taking on a different form as it possessed a very different speed and density.

The exhibition is an investigation of the role of community activities in an individual-centred society. The artists will explore life in places with authoritarian regime, world’s history of formation of opposition and governments’ control of mass media.

The participating artists are: Yelena Popova, Taus Makhacheva, Maria Gruzdeva, Daria Irincheeva, Natalia Skobeeva, Ariadne Aivazovsky, Elena Gavrisch, Maria Kapajeva, Tatiana Baskakova and Olga Grotova.
The exhibition is curated by Olga Grotova

It will be a great pleasure to see you on the opening night on 12 April!

You can find more information on the website:


The exhibition will run from 13- 28 April

Guest Projects
Sunbury House
1 Andrews Road
London E8 4QL

There will be a publication on the occasion of the exhibition.

The exhibition and the publication is generously sponsored by the Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

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