Friday, September 30, 2011


The project where I tried to reflect on my personal affection. This became an inspiration to use beautiful Psyche and Amour painting...  (Psyché et l'Amour by William-Adolphe Bouguereau) I hoped to express the sense of desperation and appreciation after an impossible breakup with  my fascinating friend Alexander. Ideally my plan was to spread pictures all over our small town Zhukovsky where myself and him resided at that time (The project came up on the first days of September).
Also this was to grab the space and pretend to have more universal presence in local community. To somehow be in more places at a time, and shout "hello" from everywhere. This street work is completly driven by the desire to be reconised, by public, (not as an individual artist though, but certain language, as this work is not signed, it is a siganture) and by Alexander, of course.
I was pleased that my friends, and those who has seen my work recognized the style... we can also pretend that this was a style exercise. Essentially.

LOCAL UTOPIAS | documents

This is some documentation of the show I made just before I left Moscow region Zhukovsky... after 6 month of my self-inflicted residency. This is a continuation of the exploration of national body metaphors explored in LES(ru -Forest) performance.  I was happy to present to local public, and be playful and experimental for my very own selfish reasons. I honestly tried to play out in a non-serious manned, but still deal with issues like extremism, and national identity. Deep-cut corruption and the society's desperation also formed by the impossibility of ideology of post-soviet condition.
I should probably more specific about conceptual grounds - for now I would explain myself only with keywords - forest, body, deeds.  I will be more specific about public response and my own ideas about the happening further on. But here you go - some picture documents... They are more details, sadly no general views yet.

Burning - photocopy with metaphorical fire inflicted on the local governmental building. 
Yogin, the video of local boy Alexander doing yoga exercises. 

BURAN, the photocopy, large frame with broken glass, lighting 
detail of the RASPIL, meaning SAWCUT - the toy, artificial flowers, the saw, carpet, fluorescent lights,  rope
Little Lenin sculpture - turntable, red lamp, plasticine, paper dove, vinyl