Thursday, August 11, 2011

The new project I work on since I am in Russia is under this working title. Boys is a project again about body, but not about femenine, it is about men. I am trying to be consentient with the researches on the problem of cirsis of masculinity. Probably the way my own relations here work out, the way patriarchal and more traditional than european society works here with all its critical corruption of values and impossibility of the collective are the initial push to start looking at masculinity in Russia. I am also keen on homoerotic images. And the issues around gay and lesbian community come really close to my heart, because my grown-up life started in the county that managed to come over hatred to sexual minorities as many as 20 yeast before now... And Russian majority is freakingly inadequate about sexuality. Boys is the project that is stretched now between many of this miscellaneous discourses that I think could be brought to our consciousness via this bodily depictions. And of course it will all be much more solid and fancy. But hey you go! Призы в студию!

Hands became important, the gesture when hands go up, the possibility of fluorescent shining, the Goddess images of Alina, queen Elizabeth, the girls and trees photocopies and the national package (packaging that uses national pathos to sell the product). The pieces of the birch tree again and artificial flowers... vaginas.

/// why care about making this project  to *look* in a certain way? I think that this is the way I see locality. Magority of people who will see the work are not familiar with contemporary art practice, so I can let myself play as if I am outside of art world - as I would not expect to have any reall professional criticism. And I am also feeling like showing art as a more seductive- although difficult subject. Seductiveness in important here.


I had a performance show for my friends on Saturday 6th of August in the local forest that is to be cut for the sake of building new fancy big highway. LES is forest in Russian. This is the performance I wanted to do for a while, and I now I am planning to re-show at local festival SVLK. The reason why I decided to have it shown just the week before the bigger event and make a repetition is that Russia constantly stages the possibility of the police inadequacy. I did not wanted to postpone the show anymore, and whilst my sister is here to support me, I have more of possibilities of making things to happen. Going to different levels of risk taking etc...

Now I am in the process of making a film of the performance, so hope to have it online soon or later. But for now I can share some pictures (they document the key gestures), so hope you will be able to appreciate them.