Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moving to Moscow, even for a little while was a big thing. Living back here is very emotional and comes out as a number of unknown behaviors. I've managed to organise a studio space in on the former bedrooms in my family flat.

And now palnning to start the paint project - although, not leavivng other things away.

I did not found yet the ground to realise Les, the Forest performance. This is something I am working on now...Difficulty of the local enviro is in that I did not yet found anyone who'd do art sriously... Which is a bit worrying. No-one cares. I want to produce 5-6 terrorist paintings and show them somewhere as well. And the project with Sakharov is something I want to offer for Moscow. A lot of work. A lot of excitement. Some bits of madness. Crazy love and huge burning emotions stare at me everywhere on the street.

Good to be "home".

Кто-то в Жуковском занимается современным искусством??