Saturday, March 19, 2011


Mayday is an experimental video I was working on a while ago, while on the course at Goldsmiths. Just youtubed it. The idea is based on Soviet ABC book's portrayal of the Mayday celebration.The process of creation was quite complicated, and the work in the college media lab stopped me from having to finish it. However it is my first experiment with stop motion animation, and for sure it will work for the future projects in one way or another.
Originally I was planning to crate a projection space with a condition similar to earlier MAYDAY projection, the one with the picture of Lenin. The idea of a multiplication into a mass ornament, and self-portrayal as a Soviet kid were the key for the last college year. And here is also a great nuclear dream of going to Chernobyl and performing there. Practically I wanted to recreate one-man demonstration as it happened in Chernobyl after the disaster - when people were forced to the streets of Kiev despite the danger of contamination, and health threats.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


PEACE TO THE WORLD, сrude translation of the Soviet slogan, just found this poster from the last year within my files.