Friday, December 03, 2010


the better second edition, refilled with missing pages, exiting as ever 

trying to create the cover for this journal proved to be a Job. I read this difficulty as that the whole thing is not over. I will take a time to edit this into a proper journal, though initially I've intended to make it like a temporary art refuge. To keep work going when there is hardly time and space for it my life.
But now, when I've understood what's that about!...
Basically I am in the middle of the video production which elaborates the same point
- the body culture and... __ totalitarianism.
During the recent visit to the Turner Prize show in Tate I've bought the book by Otolith Group. Thq Quote:
"After all, didn't Courbertin say sport is war reduced to its virtues? This was an extreme example but the fact remains that Greece or at least the idea of Greece has been used to fuel the spirit of totalitarianism and still does now and then. All the more need then to look for that Greek word which is theoretically the safest antidote to totalitarianism: the word democracy."
Probably thinking of this in contemporary Britain is reasonable. When we all should concentrate on Sport, volunteer to Olympics and enjoy the collective as it was highlighted in the Queen's Christmas speech.

Monday, November 29, 2010

After silence and money-work, I have started making my art plans.
The everything is getting more and more precise and plans are about to start coming together.
For now, the last thing I am planning to show in London before leaving for Moscow. It will sustain on high emotional-political states, confused in national tropes, quotations from the ABC book. 

This time I would try to directly mess up very important in non-official oppositional discourse subject of Moscow region forests extermination with post-soviet gender politics. In this mix two points of Russian beauty criss-cross: women and trees.

Woodcutting would be an important destructive (creative or not) gesture of today. It is as Mayakovsky's exercise of love. Quote (in my own translation):
 Love - 
      it means:
               in the depth of yard
        till the rooky night,
flashing with axe,
                        cutting the wood,
         one's own