Friday, November 12, 2010


DEINEKA BOOK is a series of recent collages, that will be  physically published and reproduced though b&w photocopy, now online version.

This is an attempt to visually express some key blatant concepts around Russian national identity. Mostly those are basic musculine-femenine hyper-sexual metaphors I was keen to engage with since even the finalising the dissertation. My initial protagonists are rhythmic gymnasts (the lovely Alina Kabaeva myth that I am still very passionate about) and missiles. One could argue it is rude. Yeah. Don't care. It is how it is. If one could offer me better things to imagine Russian sexuality, I'd be happy to hear about it. 
Positive development for the work was unexpected, but the whole new step forward was in engagement with the use of my lately beloved Deineka. When I was still a student in Zhukovsky School of Art, my graduation works were told to look like Alexander Deineka's paintings. At that point I did not even knew who was Deineka, but today his sots-realist works make me really consoius of some beauty standards I was maybe brainwashed about. Or just have affection to. Socialist  health and sexuality of power and activity. Extremly seductive. So in this series I was attempting to face it.

I was happy to find approach to older homosexual themes - like in the Kiss drawing-, which are of extreme importance, as Deineka was an artist who produced a huge amount of work about Soviet body. I love the quote from Slava Mogutin:
"In my childhood, I used to masturbate on the Alexander Deineka's painting "Future pilots": two young boys are sitting on seafront, looking up, and the older fellow is pointing at the plane hoovering far in the sky. And they are so concentrated on the plane. Bums and backs are painted with such a care..."
I think Mogutin is one of the important figures to explore Russian sexuality. Most of his early immigration works are highly inspirational. I just like him!