Saturday, September 11, 2010

::LENINGRAD FESTIVAL 03-09-2010/05-09-2010:: PICTURES
AFTER ALINA,(Рай в пизде моей матери)
PERFORMANCE (with St Peterburg-Siberian artists Andrei and Pavel)

I am to write about the things posted further soon, and the Q-Art convenor I will be kindly appointed by Sarah Rowels soon would also discuss this work, so I'd be pleased to see everyone there, and answer any questions.
There are things to say, but this is the documentation of what happened after my performance at ArtZond festival (for those googling it for some extra info: this year it was badly organised, and low-attended, bu twhat you get from it does depend on u!). Play, creative acts, pure babyanimalism, as i believe Jonathan Meese would call this//Meeting Andrei and Pavel was occasional, but turned into an exiting collaborative work/ lousiness of local spectators though was tremendous.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

MY RIFLE, 22/08/10

the first consequence of my visit to Mother Russia during this summer.
the performance i was longing to do, and happy to present.