Thursday, July 15, 2010

or once i got really conceptual so no one could understand

I wanted to post here some pictures from my last show, the degree show. Biggest Ive ever done. Because it is like a month since it is all over, i really got critical about it. Trully a failure, guys.
Though the work was enjoyable and feedback was nice - thanks to all for the support, that was really important. Generally it didn't worked as good as it could. But happy i did that experiment.
So here it is.
Why i think it was hard to understand? Firstly because I was into playing with the idea of overidentifiaction with positive-or propagandistic model of russian nationalism, and as one can imagine british public could only overwhelemed by visual intensity, and even thkinking about thinkers and art-intellectuals, one has to be aware of esatern cultural trends... Soviet visuality. Anyway maybe it didn't felt transferable enough. But it's all for your judgment now.