Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have a big dream - to be a cosmonaut. Father told me: "Study well, exercise every morning, grow stronger. And your dream will surely come true". Soviet man first traveled to space. On the spaceship "Vostok" Yuri Gagarin flew around the Earth and came back. The first space flight is a victory of all our people.
Ages since my last appearance here, all was about production, not promotion. a lot of new things happened. I've finished my dissertation with a title "Russian feminine metaphor: image of mother and prostitute in Russian films from perestroika till the end of 90s". Quite exiting and huge "done" for the beginning of this year.
After it I have made my first art performance ever, that went really badly but generated fantastic discussion.

In 5-8 February, I took part in Winterstory workshop organized by Sarah Trouche. Bravely encountered another visa office (hopefully the last time in my life). I would say, the workshop was liberating and living in the Commune with fellow artists from Goldsmiths was fun. So the collective effort in art production resulted in the show that was opened for public on the 7th February, and some information about other artists who were there can be found in folder VOLUME 1 : CHAUSSETTE DU TÊTE at (the direct link does not work)
As well this little travel to continent allowed the visit to Boltanski's Monumenta, that was really worth seeing. Go there if you can!!!
The piece produced in Paris is totally dedicated to the collective and called Artists on revolution or La revolution vus par les artistes.