Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I was extremely fascinated with this image while googling for some other project > decided to redraw it as it looked just ideal for pastels. Mediuml of tenderness I'd say.
pastel on inject print
59x40 cm

THE TIMES (Self-portrait with Vladimir Mayakovsky)

collage photocopy.
any size. - for progection

Sunday, August 02, 2009


The sculpture I fight with since December 08. The delay started with finance difficulty, as casts needed some expensive silicone, but my fascination by Bruce Sterling's definition of cyberspace lasted. So finally it seems to be over. (its creepy version. Bing!) I think it is very important to think about cyberspace in the context of telephone conversation space. "The indefinite space out there, where the two of you, two human beings, actually meet and communicate" It is very important. With this subversion of cyberspace condensed to the nothing of wires makes it ex termly in head of the viewer, i think.

Links or errors

New set of paintings/ hope to show at New Cross Atlantic
links or errors - based on famous Russian conspiracy theory by A.Letvinenko.

60x80cm each
oil on plywood
spring-summer 2009

Update: Installation shot from the Old Police Station exhibition: