Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have recently produced a set of images, related to my videoworks about Chechen war (in production). I try to edit them from different You Tube videos related to this subject matter. It does not work good enought yet, but I am still attempting to get something out of it. Now I am interested in the use of found footage, it's political message. I believe You Tube videos say a lot about the way modern Russia (and not Russia) attempts to reflect on events of mid 90-s and 00-s, and there is plenty of information to think about.

In terms of this photographs, they are body works done with You Tube video projections. I see them as a very desperate attempt to relate that recent historical events of contemporary Russia to my identity.

The Poet Reclining (after Chagall)

60 Hours Waiting for Backup

They Completed their Orders