Friday, February 06, 2009

Prostitute performance, (NATASHA) Moscow, Jan 09

This project fall into my head after a chat with Alison Jones. We were talking about the way West sees Russia. After that I went to Moscow for holidays and at that time i had a chance to see the show In Transition Russia 2008 in Moscow Center of Contemporary Art. There were art pieces that made me quite exited, but the project by Evgeny Fiks (RF-US artist) about prostitutes gave me a push to go forward with the piece that was in my head. His work included little writing about Eastern European "body" as a commodity and about Eastern Europe as a major center of the sex industry and export of sex workers around the world. "Eastern European "body" emerged as the only soviet-made commodity that west found appealing."
I am myself an exported body, not as in my project, but as an art student - another appealing thing that brings money to Western Economy. So the performance is intended as a joke about the place of East European woman on the West.

The performance staged in Moscow region. I wanted to fulfill my need to get into the shoes of those women who work in Russia. Since being a child I could not understand how do local road prostitutes cope with the f'n frost, and for a long time I didn't knew who or what these women were, as there was only an unexplained contempt to them... and jokes. And in terms of working conditions, as I found out, Moscow in the wintertime is just bad.

Another thing that motivated me was the fact that I will need people to perform and view the piece. Apart form giving me some technical help they became actual participants of the happening. Four people became the viewers of the reincarnation - when T Baskakova, occurred as a local prostitute Natasha Snegina.
Great thanks to Ksenya Lysenko, photographer, my sister Anna, Ilya Aryasoff , Alexander Leontiev, housing manager for support in this experiment.