Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1. Going to America was soo amazing!
2. I have the new event coming arriving soon. Girls at Gold the exchange art shows between Goldsmiths and Camberwell students. We plan to have another show in Camberwell soon, but now come and join us at for some drinks on MONDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2009, 6PM - 9PM at Goldsmiths Students Union (Dixon Rd, New Cross), in the Gallery (which must be on the first floor). The show will be open from Monday, November 23, 2009 at 6:00pm till Friday, December 11, 2009 at 6:00pm.
Delighted to be there together with Julie Bennett, Rosie Carr, Laura Davies and Meghan Heinl-Rimmer from Camberwell and Jo Allen, Jo Harrison and Terri Newman from Gold!!!
I am showing something I am pretty exited about, and this is very very very recent work.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Happy to present my work in a group show with California College of Art and Goldsmiths college students. This is my second show at the Old Police Station. We also  have happened to be a part of Deptford X festival.
The Old Police Station has largely improved though the summer. They've turned an old audio room into a radio station, there is a new coffee shop inside, and something is always going on.
This collaboration show is a result of the internet dialogue within the group that we were involved in March though the period of series of seminars on performativity and body at Goldsmiths. And now Californians had sent us their representative Vivian, and a box filled with art, and we've made it into a show.
Please come around. I am showing paintings I have finished some time ago - and they were never presented before in show, plus a completely fresh painterly collaboration with my family bird Freddy, called Russian Post (Почта России).

The information about the show is on facebook

Open from Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 6:00pm till Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 9:00pm

The Old Police Station, Amersham Vale, New Cross (5 mins walk to the left from the New Cross Station)


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I was extremely fascinated with this image while googling for some other project > decided to redraw it as it looked just ideal for pastels. Mediuml of tenderness I'd say.
pastel on inject print
59x40 cm

THE TIMES (Self-portrait with Vladimir Mayakovsky)

collage photocopy.
any size. - for progection

Sunday, August 02, 2009


The sculpture I fight with since December 08. The delay started with finance difficulty, as casts needed some expensive silicone, but my fascination by Bruce Sterling's definition of cyberspace lasted. So finally it seems to be over. (its creepy version. Bing!) I think it is very important to think about cyberspace in the context of telephone conversation space. "The indefinite space out there, where the two of you, two human beings, actually meet and communicate" It is very important. With this subversion of cyberspace condensed to the nothing of wires makes it ex termly in head of the viewer, i think.

Links or errors

New set of paintings/ hope to show at New Cross Atlantic
links or errors - based on famous Russian conspiracy theory by A.Letvinenko.

60x80cm each
oil on plywood
spring-summer 2009

Update: Installation shot from the Old Police Station exhibition:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Audio Room at the Old Police Station, New Cross

There is still a certain need to write about older projects I was silent about for some time. One of the things is the Old Police Station show named Exhibition. There I've managed to accomplish my first larger installation work, that seemed to provoke some interesting viewers' response.
The Audio room was quite intimate and intuitive project. It took off during the visit to the Old Police Station space when a group of young artists including myself were taking a little look-around. The space seemed exiting, but the corner I loved was a little scary lift-like space with a doorplate saying "Audio and Interview room". Rhea, who further was making an installation in the man's cell, said something like "Tatiana, this should be your space, you do such a scary stuff." I believe when someone calls my artwork "scary" - it is a real complement. I felt that that space was mine since then, and I would never pretend to use it if not that comment, I was too shy to claim such a gorgeous thing for myself only.

The product of that love was a relief and panic. I was pleased by the way people reacted to the work on the private view and show. There was and open interaction, and someone even tried to check his emails using protagonist's computer. There was a feeling of success and luck and mystery. But after all, I still haven't had any fruitful feedback, except that tiny little comments that make you fell that the thing works and someone could be understanding. Maybe the difficulty of understanding this piece was led by the complexity of the language I was using, and however dangerous it was - I could not help getting away from some kind of not universal symbolism.
In many ways this installation was an allergic response to the area of science fiction named cyberpunk. I tried to incorporate my personal understanding of the way this sci-fi genre can have an imprint on everyday life. I dyed it with my own obsession with underground resistance themes.
"Audio room" became a shelter of the one who escaped the war, the sound of war in the audio room in the police station. Sound proofed walls even let him sleep sometimes. I do not really know what kind of conspiracy he was involved in, obviously some future Internet things that you can hardly imagine today.

I think that the most problematic - however evident only for myself issue of this work was the relation I tried to establish between cyberpunk in the context of Russia, and myself as a hero running from the war happening everywhere. Interest in sci-fi is Moscow influence for me, and Bruce Sterling also mentions that cyberpunk stories happen that kind of third world countries and former USSR as a places for the dark and chaotic future.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"3 sources of creation," dance video, summer 2009

Friday, April 03, 2009

Installation expertiment with objects, Mayakovsky.
Here I was interested in how the language of very meaning containing objects works.

Polymorphic body dressed up for G-20

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have recently produced a set of images, related to my videoworks about Chechen war (in production). I try to edit them from different You Tube videos related to this subject matter. It does not work good enought yet, but I am still attempting to get something out of it. Now I am interested in the use of found footage, it's political message. I believe You Tube videos say a lot about the way modern Russia (and not Russia) attempts to reflect on events of mid 90-s and 00-s, and there is plenty of information to think about.

In terms of this photographs, they are body works done with You Tube video projections. I see them as a very desperate attempt to relate that recent historical events of contemporary Russia to my identity.

The Poet Reclining (after Chagall)

60 Hours Waiting for Backup

They Completed their Orders

Friday, February 06, 2009

Prostitute performance, (NATASHA) Moscow, Jan 09

This project fall into my head after a chat with Alison Jones. We were talking about the way West sees Russia. After that I went to Moscow for holidays and at that time i had a chance to see the show In Transition Russia 2008 in Moscow Center of Contemporary Art. There were art pieces that made me quite exited, but the project by Evgeny Fiks (RF-US artist) about prostitutes gave me a push to go forward with the piece that was in my head. His work included little writing about Eastern European "body" as a commodity and about Eastern Europe as a major center of the sex industry and export of sex workers around the world. "Eastern European "body" emerged as the only soviet-made commodity that west found appealing."
I am myself an exported body, not as in my project, but as an art student - another appealing thing that brings money to Western Economy. So the performance is intended as a joke about the place of East European woman on the West.

The performance staged in Moscow region. I wanted to fulfill my need to get into the shoes of those women who work in Russia. Since being a child I could not understand how do local road prostitutes cope with the f'n frost, and for a long time I didn't knew who or what these women were, as there was only an unexplained contempt to them... and jokes. And in terms of working conditions, as I found out, Moscow in the wintertime is just bad.

Another thing that motivated me was the fact that I will need people to perform and view the piece. Apart form giving me some technical help they became actual participants of the happening. Four people became the viewers of the reincarnation - when T Baskakova, occurred as a local prostitute Natasha Snegina.
Great thanks to Ksenya Lysenko, photographer, my sister Anna, Ilya Aryasoff , Alexander Leontiev, housing manager for support in this experiment.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have finished this in December. Not much to talk about. Plaster, stool, headscarf, solder.