Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alien. oct 08

Foreigners may look and act like us, but there is some unfathomable je ne sais quoi, something 'in them more than themselves,' that makes them not quite human' ('aliens,' as in precise sense this term acquired in the science-fiction of the 50s)...

Slavoj Žižek

In space no one can hear you scream.
Alien film tagline

Started this as a sketch of the nude, I abandoned the work for a while. When I came across this later in my studio, I was totally inspired by Ridley Scott's Alien. It was a fantastic thing that Lt. Ellen Ripley is the first real woman hero in si-fi, and that the film challenges traditional perception of si-fi woman seems really exiting for me. So then I stated painting this thinking about Ellen Ripley and the way she is contrasted to Alien in the film. And that was it. Until that quote form Zizek's Interrogating the Real, when I decided to introduce the specific image of the blurred globe with the map of Russia, with intention that it is like ailen's egg from 1979 poster.