Sunday, June 01, 2008

Making this blog at this stage of practice seems to quite boring. I don't spend enough time here, but if I do it could become too much, because blogging takes a lot of time when one does it in a genuine way. As long as I am an artist, blog is no more than another artwork, very challenging project one never ready to produce. For me it is very much speaking about something I don't really know but feel like speaking about, because it is important for me to make a sound. It is my first step in joining cybersociety and making something about art for it. >
In terms of plans, now I am ready to setup new live journal account and new individual that would live there. She would write about contemporary art for Russian-speaking web users. And in contrast to this place it's not going to be concentrated at what I do, but at the general analysis and of other artists' works. The reason why I am going to write in Russian is that I found all information and discussion on contemporary art in Russian segment of net very dissatisfying. People don't like art but I wish they did, and it's my main reason. I want to produce a body of writing that would have other vision of contemporary artworld.

And as a way of developing this place (I am not really going to abandon this as it might seem) during the summer I will make comments on my recent projects. Now it is still very difficult to say anything because very little is done, but I am planning to concentrate on b&w photo printing (for the next two weeks) and further I will continue with the video project about demonstrations in Moscow.